Fwd: Master's Program in The Department of Sociology at Utrecht University

The Department of Sociology at Utrecht University is looking for talented candidates to enter our two-year research master's program "Sociology and Social Research" (SaSR) in September 2017.

Special features of the program include:

+ A problem-driven approach with a substantive focus on societal topics such as social networks, trust, migration and ethnicity, social stratification and inequality, families and organizations.

+ A strong focus on the integration of social theory and quantitative data-analysis.

+ The program is completely taught in English. The student population is highly international.

+ Students in the program benefit from intensive supervision and collaborate in a relatively small group of peers (<20).

+ Evaluated as the best research master’s program in the Netherlands across all disciplines in the social and behavioral sciences.  

+ Hands on experience in writing a publishable research article. Many students have had article versions of their theses accepted for publication in top-ranked journals like Social ForcesSocial NetworksJournal of Marriage and the Family, and European Union Politics.

Labor market position after graduation:

+ The labor market position of alumni is excellent: students are very successful in obtaining a PhD all over the world, as researchers in institutes and organizations outside the university system or as trainees in management or governmental organizations.

Target group:

+ Talented and motivated students with a Bachelor's degree or an equivalent period of at least three years of undergraduate study and qualifications in the social sciences, broadly conceived (e.g., Sociology, Psychology, Economics, Political Sciences, Public Administration, Demography).

+ Applicants with deficiencies in methods and statistics can be admitted conditional upon participation in a methods and statistics summer course at Utrecht University right before the start of the first year of the program.

+ Students from outside the Netherlands are explicitly encouraged to apply. About 50% of the students are from outside the Netherlands. Some scholarships are available, as well as teaching and research assistantships.


+ The number of new students per year is limited to +/-20. We are currently looking for talented candidates for the academic year 2017/2018. Courses for this group will start on September 1, 2017. Deadline for scholarships is February 1, 2017. Other candidates can apply until April 1, 2017.

+ For information on scholarships, see


Interested? Apply now!

+ Detailed information on the program and the application procedure is available at http://www.uu.nl/masters/en/sociology-and-social-research

+ Please do not hesitate to contact the coordinator (Ineke Maas, i.maas@uu.nl) for any inquiries about the program and about admission procedures.


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