姓名 (Name): 钟爽

系别 (Department):公共管理学系(Public administration)

职称(Position):副教授 (Associate Professor)/博士生导师

手机(Mobil):+86 15105417901      

电子邮箱 (Email):amigo-008@163.comzhongsh28@mail.sysu.edu.cn

通讯地址(Address):广州市海珠区新港西路135号  中山大学政治与公共事务管理学院;邮编:510275


教育背景 (Education)

2011–2014,澳大利亚昆士兰科技大学公共卫生与社会工作学院 (Faculty of Public Health and Social Work, Queensland University of Technology),博士学位(Ph.D.),研究方向:应急医疗与灾难管理(Research direction: Emergency Medicine and Disaster Management)

2007–2010,山东大学卫生管理与政策研究中心 (Center for Health Management and Policy, Shandong University),卫生管理学硕士 (M.A.)

2003–2007,山东大学经济学院 (School of Economics, Shandong University),经济学学士 (B.Ec.)


任职经历 (Academic appointments)

2016–至今,中山大学 政务管理学院 副教授 (Associate Professor, School of Government, Sun Yat-sen University)

2015–2016,山东大学卫生管理与政策研究中心,副研究员(副教授)(Associate Professor, Center for Health Management and Policy, Shandong University)

2014–2015,澳大利亚昆士兰科技大学公共卫生与社会工作学院,博士后(Post-doctoral fellow, Faculty of Public Health and Social Work, Queensland University of Technology), 2014-2015


熟悉的研究领域 (Research area)

应急管理 (Emergency Management)、医疗救援 (Medical Rescue)、卫生政策 (Health Policy)、医疗卫生服务体系 (Medical Health Service System)、新医改(New Healthcare Reform)、健康中国战略(Health China strategy)、环境变化与健康政策 (Environmental Change and Health Policy)



本科 (Undergraduate):公共政策导论 Public Policy; 政府热点政策分析 Government Public Policy Hot Topic Analysis;卫生政策 Health Policy (全英/English);

研究生(Postgraduate):专业英语 Academic English


承担课题 (Research projects)

2018-2023, 国家重点研发计划全球变化及应对重点专项“气候变化健康风险评估、早期信号捕捉及应对策略研究",骨干成员参与

2018-2021,国家自然基金面上项目“ 基于灾难弹性理论的医院应急能力评估与救援效率拟合研究”,主持 (2018-2021, National Science Foundation, Study of evaluation of hospital emergency capacity based on disaster resilience theory and rescue efficiency fitting, Principal investigator)

2016-2019,中山大学“百人计划”引进人才科研启动基金项目,主持 (2016-2019, Research Fund for Introduced Personnel, Sun Yat-Sen University, Principal investigator)

2016-2018,国家自然基金青年项目“洪水及灾害管理因素对洪水多发地区人群健康的影响研究”,主持 (2016-2018, National Science Foundation for Young Researchers, The Study of impacts of flooding and disaster management on population health in the flood-prone areas, Principal investigator)

2015-2017,留学回国人员科研启动基金(教育部资助课题),主持 (2015-2017, The Ministry of Education Project for Oversee Returnees, Principal investigator)

2015–2017,山东大学基本科研业务费资助项目(山东大学纵向课题),主持(2015–2017, Basic Research Fund, Shandong University, Principal investigator)

2008–2010,国家卫生部卫生统计信息中心和美国中华医学基金会资助课题:全国第四次卫生服务专题调查——基层卫生机构功能和人力资源研究,参与 (2008–2010, The fourth national health service survey - Research on the function and human resources of primary healthcare institutions, Co-investigator)


论文 (Peer-reviewed academic articles)

发表的 SCI / SSCI 文章:(Note: *为通讯作者,#为共同第一作者)

1. Zhong S*, Clark M, Hou XY, Zang Y, FitzGerald G*. Development of key indicators of hospital resilience: a modified Delphi study. Journal of Health Services Research & Policy, 2015,20(2):74-82 (SSCI / SCI)

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发表的中文期刊文章 (Chinese Article):

1. 钟爽, 孟庆跃, 孙晓杰, 袁璟, 侯志远, 赵苗苗, 曲江斌. 社区卫生服务机构预防保健服务功能分析. 中国公共卫生, 2010,26(1):120–122.

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专著章节 (Book Chapter)

Zhong S*, Hou XY, Clark M, Zang Y, Wang L, Xu L-Z, FitzGerald G*. International Disaster Health Care, Chapter 3 Disaster Resilience in Tertiary Hospitals: A Cross-Sectional Survey in Shandong Province, China: Preparedness, Response, Resource Management, and Education, December 2016, pp.35-70 ,DOI: 10.1201/9781315365787-4


担任杂志审稿人(Manuscript Referee)

Emergency Medicine Australasia (2014)

PLoS One (2015)

BMC Health Services Research (2015))

Disability and Rehabilitation (2015)

公共行政评论 (Journal of Public Administration, 2015)


参加学术会议 (Conference presentations):

2017.12.10-2017.12.11,“一带一路”气候变化与健康应对高峰论坛, 广州, 参会

2017.9.13-2017.9.15, 宏观管理与政策学科2016年度青年基金获得者检查交流会, “洪水及灾害管理因素对洪水多发地区人群健康的影响研究”,长沙, 口头报告并担任分会场主持

2017.8.20-2017.8.22, 2017医药卫生管理青年论坛, 青岛, 参会

2014.8,Australia-China Public Health Forum,澳大利亚昆士兰科技大学,澳洲布里斯班, 参会

2013.7,9th International Conference on Infrastructure Renewal and Reconstruction,澳大利亚昆士兰科技大学,澳洲布里斯班, 口头报告

2013.5,18th World Congress on Disaster and Emergency Medicine,World Association for Disaster and Emergency Medicine,英国曼彻斯特 口头报告并担任分会场主持